Hiiii :-3. I'm Hermon (he/him). I'm 19 and I love pink, obvs. I also love plushies, dolls, toys, and all sorts of cute thingies, and collecting them. You can find some of my collections under the "collections" part of my page (duh).

As a chaoticly-minded person with an equally chaotic life, my mind is scattered over a bunch of different interests and projects. I love writing, though at the moment I only have time to focus on fanfic stories instead of original ones. I love to customize everything I have, not only to fit my personality (and my budget lol), but to practice sustainability in using what I have to make something truly unique that doesnt require getting something brand new. I dream about becoming a fashion/interior designer that has the skills and know-how to design rooms and wardrobes that bring out tons of people's inner style. I also have an interest in tech—taking stuff apart, modifying it, homebrewing, etc—for the same reasons.

Being pink and pretty needs to be accessible to everyone, and I'm slowly building the pink and cutesy life I couldn't have as a kid because of various financial and living situations. Check out the "projects" part of my page if you want to take a look at some of the stuff I've worked or am working on :-)

I'm also a bisaya fil-am and I'd love to meet other pinoys, but anyone who shares my interests and passions can feel free to reach out to chat. I'm very introverted and very socially strange, but I do want to make new friends, so bear with me and my quirkiness.